Ballabop Music

Ballabop Music is an independent music label in Limerick, Ireland.  We record and promote local songwriting and catalogue new music for possible licensing and synchronisation.

“Happy” music & lyrics by Jeff O’Neill and Pat Byrne.

Music Licensing

The genres we cover at the moment are Irish Folk, Reggae, Acoustic pop, and Pop-Rock. If you require a song for your current project, please email us at .  We will then send you links to our music on Soundcloud. If you do not find what you are looking for, our in-house songwriters will be glad to help you find a solution.

“Lift Me Away” by Jeffo Nesta.
“Love is made” by Jeffo Nesta.

Artist Promotion

Singer/songwriter Jeffo Nesta’s song catalogue is a mix of folk, reggae, rock and pop genres. You can find his music on Youtube and Soundcloud. Should you require any songs from Jeffo Nesta for commercial purposes, please contact us at

circus dances album cover
Cover art for “Circus Dances” album by Jeffo Nesta.

Click here for Jeffo Nesta’s website.

jeffo nesta ep cover
Cover art for “The no.3 bus home” EP by Jeffo Nesta.

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